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State and Federal laws require the Seller to disclose to the Buyer anything which might affect the value or desireability of the property, or pose a potential hazard to the Buyer.  Required disclosures include:

In addition there are several "Zone Disclosures" that the Seller needs to provide to the Buyer.  This information can be obtained from several companies who read the appropriate maps, and provide property specific reports based upon the state and federal records:

The transactional matters that have the potential to create the greatest conflict between sellers and buyers are incomplete and/or overlooked disclosures.  So, it is very important for the Seller to be as complete as possible when providing these disclosures.  Our motto is, "If you thought about it, disclose it".  It is much better for a buyer to find out about a problem up front, than to not find out about it until after escrow closes.  (They will find out, and they tend to get rather angry if they find out after they've bought the house.)

Note that selling a house "as is" does not release the Seller from their legal obligation to disclose. It simply means that the Seller is not obligated to do any repairs, and that the Buyer is taking the house in its present condition, knowing all of its faults.  "As is" sales generally mean that the Seller will have to take less money for their house, and that the Buyer might be able to find a bargain.

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