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Don't forget to bookmark our site (our homepage, or any of our other pages).  Then, check out these sites for more information about real estate, mortgages, title insurance, property inspection services, more listings, and lots of information about Southern California. - The largest database of properties for sale in Southern California.  The California Association of Realtors, The Los Angeles Times, The California Living Network, Yahoo!, and Pacific Bell all use Listing Link's database for their real estate listings.  Also includes, listings of homes throughout the United States.

Quicken's Mortgage Site - The latest rates, mortgage calculator, real estate information, more.

Chicago Title and Trust Co. - The largest title insurance organization in the world.  

California Department of Insurance - Information on homeowner's insurance, and more.

Los Angeles Times - Great ideas for recreation, shopping, dining, sightseeing, community information, home sales information, more.