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Carol Lollich, Broker-Owner

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Our References

Helen Chang:
"Friendly, caring, knowledgeable, dependable, resourceful, helpful, and MOST of all, HONEST."

Sharon Tonetta and Vince Hylka:
"Always ahead of us and nothing was missed.  Both were a fine resource, and made you feel like you were their only client.  I couldn't imagine what more they could have done or how they could have improved the quallity of the service.  They earned more than their commission."  

Werner and Ruth Jebens:
"Open, honest, straightforward, pleasant, not pushy."

Nathaniel Wood:
"Overall attention to sales problems and solutions, excellent consultation almost daily."

Lyle Karelius:
Lyle's answer to "What did you particularly like about your Associate's service?" was, "Care! - Patience! - Knowledge! - Service!"

Mrs. Cindy Mitchell:
"Responsive to my needs and opinions.  Constant and timely communication.  Tremendous effort to make things work."

Lois Leach:
"They were wonderful and couldn't do enough for me.  They went out of their way to be helpful.  It was a great experience."

Carolyn Keilin:
"Carol is smart, caring, tactful, and highly ethical.  I couldn't have wished for more!"

Mr. & Mrs. Howard King:
"Professional approach and conduct; open advice; attention to details."

Lillian Tashjian:
"She dealt with problems and got them solved.  I could not have done what she did for me."

Carole A. Nuse:
"The Lollichs know their job well and they work hard at it.  They have my unqualified recommendation as real estate agents."

Margaret Bochow:
"I don't know how the service could have been improved."