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Area Weather

The climate in the West San Gabriel Valley is sub-tropical and semi-arid.  The average daytime temperature for Pasadena is 76 F (24 C).  Temperatures don't vary much from city to city, although it tends to be 1-2 degrees warmer in the summer the further east you are.  

Average annual rainfall is 20" (51 centimeters).  Typical summertime weather is dry, and temperatures are usually in the high 80's to mid 90's (F).  During the winter months of December through March, the weather is particularly beautiful, with crystal-clear blue skies, and mild temperatures.  It is not unusual to experience clear skies, and temperatures in the low to mid-70's (F) on New Year's Day, when the whole world is watching our Rose Parade.       

The air quality in Pasadena is constantly improving.  In 1978, there were 85 first-stage smog alerts and 8 second-stage alerts.  In 1993, it dropped to 5 first-stage alerts and no second-stage alerts.  (A first-stage smog alert occurs when the air has over 200 particles of pollutants per million.  A second-stage alert occurs when the air has 300-400 particles of pollutants per million, and the South Coast Air Quality Management District advises that everyone should avoid outdoor activity.)  Further improvement continues.

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